Bump City Brass


 Services provided | Brand identity development + positioning, graphic design, photography, copywriting, social media management

Since 2015, the 12-piece funk and soul big horn band Bump City Brass has been performing across San Diego County.

With unmistakable singularity in both musicianship and delivery of a dream 70s funk and soul repertoire, the group needed positioning and brand identity that conveyed the uniqueness of performing funk music as it sounded in the heyday--contrasting an era of predominantly recorded beats.


I worked with Bump City Brass to identify the brand-- creating a tagline, building a logo, color scheme, and graphic designs for promotional materials, developing a presence on social platforms through content creation, copywriting and event photography.


In collaboration with Bump City Brass, I honed in on “Authentic Grooves” as a tagline representative of the comprehensive instrumentation during performances and in reference to the danceable rhythm of 70s music.

During logo development, I drew on inspiration from the retro, signature shades of Tower of Power and Parliament Funkadelic, adjusting the orange hue and adding electric blue for a modern look capable of appealing to audiences young and old.