Outdoor Yoga SD


Services Provided | photography, Brand identity development, graphic design, copywriting, social media management, website design (IN progress)

Outdoor Yoga SD, an innovative health and wellness start-up launched in 2018, brings people together to connect through nature, with nature. The organization hosts “silent yoga” classes incorporating wireless sound equipment, tai chi, and dance on San Diego’s beaches.


I am currently designing Outdoor Yoga San Diego’s website. With its unique concept of “silent disco” beach yoga, we wanted to make sure website visitors could understand what the classes are all about and why Outdoor Yoga SD uses wireless headphones, in addition to having classes on the beach.

Additionally, we needed visitors to be able to seamlessly buy classes on the site through an easy-to-follow purchase journey. With call-to-action buttons tactfully distributed throughout the site, drop-down navigation, and internal link building, customers can easily navigate, learn about the experience, grab a ticket, and reach out to the organization’s Founder.


We wanted the Instagram account to showcase not just the class “layout,” but also yogi’s reactions to the experience in the moment. Given that most classes take place on the beach, the experience lends itself well to beautiful, consistent imagery that allows followers to feel like they are part of the class.

The @outdooryogasd Instagram account has been the source of many class and collaboration inquiries from San Diego residents and businesses. Our follower count is steadily growing, but we’re most excited about the engagement that we see on our posts through comments, as well as Direct Messages. Engagement builds a strong community.


I have been in collaboration with the organization to develop its brand and visual identity since inception. Below are the final iterations of the brand identity design process.

OYSD-Branding Suite-final@360x-100.jpg

In addition to creating the brand identity and promotional materials, I assist with social media management and have executed a brand awareness campaign. I am also the photographer for classes and events.

OYSD-brandidentity blurb.png